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Learn from leading researchers about using psychedelics to treat pain conditions.
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PPA advances science and public awareness towards a future where psychedelic medicines will significantly reduce chronic pain and suffering.

Ongoing and past research is establishing the potential for treating chronic pain with psychedelic medicines.


Since 1930, over seventy research studies have shown the potential use of psychedelics for the management of pain.

Explore the following conditions:

Neuropathic Pain

Phantom-Limb Pain

Headache & Head Pain


Infection-Associated Chronic Illness (IACI)

Central Sensitization

Spinal Cord Injuries

Low-Back Pain

Chronic Pain Comorbid with PTSD

Autoimmune & Inflammatory Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Cancer Pain

Searchable Research Databases

PPA has created comprehensive databases of all studies done on the use of psychedelics for the treatment of pain conditions, inflammation and the immune response. Through several proposed mechanisms of actions, from neurological to psychological, psychedelic medicines have been shown to have powerful pain reducing effects across a wide variety of conditions. Data continues to mount in research trials across the globe – we effort to keep databases up-to-date. 

Why PPA?

There is a robust ecosystem of funding, research and utilization support for psychedelics for the treatment of mental health. We need to start building the same support structures for psychedelics and the improved management of pain.

We are entering a new era of pain management — psychedelic medicines have the potential to offer relief across many pain categories.

Why Addressing Pain Matters?

1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain, which makes pain more prevalent than diabetes or depression.

1 in 14 Americans have “high-impact pain,” substantially restricting their daily activities.

Opioids are crucial medicines, yet 80,000 Americans died of opioid overdose in 2021.

$560 billion, the estimated annual cost of pain in the United States, according to NIH.

Current treatments are lacking, we need more non-addictive, comprehensive approaches to pain.

Medical Communities & Patients Need Information, mounting evidence supporting efficacy of psychedelics in treating a variety of pain conditions & comorbidities must be shared.

Major Needs for Psychedelics & Pain


Chronic pain must be included in the policy advances that are expanding access to psychedelic medicines. We need policies that support responsible and affordable use of psychedelics. No one should go to jail for trying to heal.


“Pain” is a big tent and is comorbid with many diagnoses that are largely absent from the discussion about the healing potential of psychedelics. PPA is intentionally broadening the discussion to support research and exploration about the use of psychedelics to treat many health conditions beyond the psychiatric realm.

Training & Education

Healthcare providers and facilitators need evidence-based training on the safe and effective use of psychedelics for pain from a variety of conditions or occurring alongside mental health concerns. PPA is developing these resources to help the health system integrate psychedelics into pain care and to expand the scope of psychedelic training programs.


Almost 100 years of medical research support psychedelics for the treatment of pain. But there is so much we still don’t understand. We connect researchers to help advance studies and knowledge so we can more effectively reduce suffering. Likewise, we connect funding sources to research we believe in.

Protocols & Best Practices

People who are suffering deserve to start with the treatment plan that is most likely to work best for them. Through research and our partnership with REMAP Therapeutics and Clusterbusters, we need to discern which psychedelic medicines, at what doses and schedules, combined with what adjunctive therapies are best for dealing with various types of pain and associated conditions.

Community | Empowering People with Pain

PPA is patient-forward, supporting people living with pain in being active, educated and engaged stakeholders in exploring psychedelic medicines for the treatment of their pain conditions. We are creating an online community where people with pain and interested healthcare providers can come to learn about psychedelic medicines, understand the existing research findings, ask questions, get support, share their experiences and be activated to advocate.


Recent research on psychedelic medicines has largely been funded by a small number of wealthy individuals. For scale and sustainability, research on psychedelic medicines needs to be supported by the federal government – just like it is for all other types of medical substances. PPA will play an active role in expanding research support from NIH, HHS, DOD, ARPA-H, etc. We also advocate for the use of state opioid settlement funds to support research and treatments for chronic pain, which is at the original base of that public health crisis.

Get Involved

Psychedelics & Pain Network

A connected network of researchers, HCPs, facilitators, patient advocates, companies and funders who are leaders in the rapidly growing field of researching and utilizing psychedelic medicines for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions. Through collaboration we expedite our collective scientific progress, accelerate access to therapies that reduce pain, and reach a greater population of people who need help.

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Psychedelics & Pain Community

This community will be a platform for patients, facilitators, healthcare providers, and others interested in learning how psychedelics can be an effective tool for those living with pain conditions. The community will have access to PPA’s database on relevant research and a moderated, password-protected, community platform. This community forum will be a place to ask questions, share experiences, learn about research, and participate in educational events. It will be divided into categories to offer easy access to information relevant to your pain condition or about a specific psychedelic substance.

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