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Course on Psychedelics for Chronic Pain

The complexity of pain is well matched by the multiple ways that psychedelic substances can impact human physiology and perception. Learn from the world’s leading researchers on how psychedelics can be used to treat a wide range of pain conditions. Meet two real-life case studies who used psychedelics to treat spinal cord injury and long-COVID. Review the long history of using entheogenic medicines for the treatment and resolution of chronic pain. 

This FREE course is primarily intended for healthcare providers and facilitators — but is open to anyone with interest in learning how psychedelic medicines can be used to reduce pain and suffering.

Course Contents & Offerings

Hear from Subject Matter Experts

Understanding & Treating Chronic Pain through the Bio-Psycho-Social Model

Dr. Devon Christie

Current Research & Mechanisms of Action: Psychedelic Science for Pain

Dr. Joel Castellanos

Analgesic Potential of Psychedelics

Prof. Jan Ramaekers

Psychedelic Drugs and the Immune Response: Implications for Chronic Pain

Dr. Natasha Mason

Psychedelics and the Inflammatory Response

Dr. Charles Nichols

Headache and Facial Pain Disorders

Dr. Emmanuelle Schindler

Psilocybin and Low Back Pain

Dr. Boris Heifets

Central Sensitization Syndromes

James Close & Julia Bornemann

Psychedelic Compounds, Pharmacokinetics & Best Practices

C.J. Spotswood, PMHNP-BC

Psychedelic Medicine for Pain Conditions

Brief History & Key Research Milestones

Updated (& Outdated) Models for Pain Treatment

Introduction to Key Mechanisms of Action and Current Research Studies in Psychedelics for Pain

Introduction to Conditions Treated and Degree of Response

Treatment of Long-COVID with Psilocybin & MDMA

Interview with MaryAnn Welke

Spinal-Cord Injury & Psilocybin

Interview with Jim Harris


Past, current and perspective research and findings about the use of psychedelic medicines for a variety of pain conditions, presented by clinical researchers from universities around the world.

Mechanisms of Action

Learn how the psychedelics work within the body to decrease pain, stabilize inflammation, and tone down immune response.

Case Studies

Listen to two case studies from real people who used psychedelic medicines to cope with pain and inflammation. Hear from Jim Harris, the National Geographic photographer who found significant clinical improvement with psilocybin after a severe spinal cord injury. Learn Mary Ann’s story of recovery from devastating long-COVID symptoms with the use of MDMA and psilocybin.

Introduction to Psychedelics for Chronic Pain

Explore further through our class, open to anyone with an interest in discovering how psychedelic medicines can be utilized to alleviate pain and suffering.